Monday, 23 January 2012

Constitutional Law CSS Optional Subject Suggested Books

Constitutional Law

World Constitutions by Vishnoo Bhagwan...for US, UK, French, USSR constitutions.
World Constitutions by Kayli (Bhatti publishers)...for Indian constitution.

For Pakistani Constitution read any one of the following books:

Constitutional development of Pakistan by A.G. Choudhry
Constitution of Pakistan by M. Monir
Studies in the Constitution of Pakistan by Dr. Safdar Mahmood

P.S: The syllabus of Constitutional Law (6 constitutions) is almost the same as that of Paper-II of Political Science (9 constitutions) except that the former is a bit shorter than the latter. Those of you who have opted Political Science as an optional subject are strongly advised to opt for Constitutional Law along with it in order to save your precious preparation time.

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